Jennene Eklund

"So hold on. The light is fast approaching, and when it finally breaks within your soul, you will be filled with hope and with life made all the more brilliant because you have walked through the shadows of dark shame."




"I've had the unique privilege of watching Jennene's miraculous transformation. Believe me, this is a story that will positively change the way you see yourself and navigate the world you live."

-John Baker, Founder of Celebrate Recovery

"Jennene's personal story in Overthrow is a living testimony of God's grace and redemption, rescue and restoration. She gives light to those living in the shadow of death feeling deep shame wondering if there is hope for them."

-Mac and Mary Owen , Celebrate Recovery National Directors 

"...Overthrow is a relational, practical, and powerful journey of healing within every page."

-Darryl and Tracy Strawberry


Overthrow candidly sheds light on the hell of an eating disorder for the individual and their family...I highly recommend this book for all who want to better understand the eating disorder recovery journey.”

—Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC, President Eating Disorder Hope and Addiction Hope

"...If you’re feeling like like you have no value, are damaged goods or that something is wrong with you, this book will give you a new understanding of who you are in Christ."

-Rodney Holmstrom, Celebrate Recovery Western National Director 

"The seriousness and complexity of this issue was foreign to me until I read the book Overthrow...Jennene does a masterful job of explaining the depths of this issue, the seriousness of it’s implications, and the up close and personal way that she was able to conquer it.”

—Rodney Pearce, Senior Pastor Temple Church



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From Jennene Eklund comes a groundbreaking book that will embolden readers to demand from our culture a new conversation around our bodies, our food, and our world.  

Challenging her readers with 6 life-challenging questions, Jennene weaves her own tale of pain, loss, and redemption through a book packed full of hope, inspiration, and truth; ultimately issuing a call-to-arms: war is worth fighting, because freedom is worth having.  


“It doesn’t matter what you weigh or why you weigh that much…

It doesn't matter if you have treated your body in the most egregious ways possible…

It doesn’t matter if you have tried and failed spectacularly one thousand times before…

You are worth fighting for.”


Join Jennene in an overthrow.