Deliverance is for those who will begin

I used to mistakenly believe that deliverance would happen if/when I had enough faith and believed enough. In desperate moments of addiction and shame I would cry out to God with all of my being, "Deliver me!"

Yet, for all my heart-rending misery, for all my gut-wrenching faith, the heavens seemed ever frozen in watchful silence.

I would inevitably conclude that there was something wrong with me, with the quality of my faith, with my relationship with God. Even with God Himself.

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Shame on you Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers announced last week that they will be offering free memberships to kids ages 13-17 beginning this summer. They justified the move by saying it would aid in “the development of healthy habits at a critical stage in life.” Nothing says healthy like introducing kids to a pattern of restrictive eating that they will have to engage in (and pay for) for the rest of their lives, I guess. Oprah Winfrey, who owns 10% of the company (and has pulled in $300 million since her investment two years ago), says it is a good idea. So it must be, right? 

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