My Body, A Vehicle

I am often asked “What tool or belief has helped you the most? How do you keep on holding on to your recovery when life gets hard?” While there have been many profound revelations from a wide variety of people and programs, I always have this answer at the ready: “My body is a vehicle, made in the image of God, bought with a great price. My physical body is not meaningless. But it is temporary.”

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Fellow Traveler, Take Heart.

Have you ever felt triggered?

I must confess that I’ve been having a rough go of things lately. Everything feels harder than it did just two short months ago. I probably should chalk it up to seasonal gloom and the stress of the impending holidays…that and the fact that my kids are growing up and leaving home at an alarming rate. But, even so, it feels like I every time I gather my resolve to keep on fighting and working my recovery—BAM!—out of nowhere I am triggered…

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Deliverance is for those who will begin

I used to mistakenly believe that deliverance would happen if/when I had enough faith and believed enough. In desperate moments of addiction and shame I would cry out to God with all of my being, "Deliver me!"

Yet, for all my heart-rending misery, for all my gut-wrenching faith, the heavens seemed ever frozen in watchful silence.

I would inevitably conclude that there was something wrong with me, with the quality of my faith, with my relationship with God. Even with God Himself.

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