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My Body, A Vehicle

I am often asked “What tool or belief has helped you the most? How do you keep on holding on to your recovery when life gets hard?” While there have been many profound revelations from a wide variety of people and programs, I always have this answer at the ready: “My body is a vehicle, made in the image of God, bought with a great price. My physical body is not meaningless. But it is temporary.”

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Why I will never say I am addicted to food.

“But—I’m addicted to sugar, to carbs, to salt, to diet coke, to junk food, to processed foods and all the chemicals therein!   I mean, look at me!”

I can hear the protests.  I’ve said them all myself before.  I was a vegan for two years.  A vegan.

 I would be the first to admit that the subject of “food” is vast and brings with it a ton of emotional baggage.  We are all so diverse- it stands to reason our experiences with food would be equally diverse.

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